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"River King Ayeyar Construction Co.,Ltd." is a registered Construction Company and one of well-organized engineering and Construction Company in Myanmar.

"River King Ayeyar Construction Co.,Ltd." was established in 2015 by enthusiastic and energetic engineers. The group built not only RC residential and commercial buildings but also steel structure during these years.

After passing couple years and then the group had gained reasonable experiences, the group is registered and founded as "River King Ayeyar Construction Co.,Ltd." on 17 June 2016 and aiming to serve his customers with valuable knowledge and experiences.

Nowadays,"River King Ayeyar Construction Co.,Ltd." is an organization of highly qualified; local and oversea experienced engineers, managers and skill workers. Company has now employed professionals and over 350 qualified labors at sites across the whole Myanmar. And the company is aiming to be the fastest growing company in Myanmar.

The company has several reputable partner companies and is offering wide range of engineering and construction services in Myanmar.

Our slogan is “Quality Construction. Timely Services. Great Value”. Client satisfaction is our primary focus and our pride is "Honesty" and "Accountability".

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You can find more of our company information on official Government website (DICA).

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